2013 AIMS Journal Club Talks

Date Speaker
05 February
Dr. Betty Nannyonga (Department of Mathematics, Makerere University, Uganda)
Optimal control of prevention and treatment in a Nodding syndrome model
12 February
Ms. Hassana Al-Hassan (AIMS)
The Lévy LIBOR model.
19 February
Mr. Fortunat Solofomampionona Rajaona (AIMS)
MSc Defence: An algebraic framework for reasoning about security.
26 February
Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Ali Omer Hassan (AIMS)
Topology Control in Mobile Ad hoc Networks.
05 March
Priv.-Doz. Dr. Jörg Zintl (Fachbereich Mathematik, Technische Universität Kaiserslautern, Kaiserslautern, Germany)
Classification in Geometry: From Discrete Parameters to Moduli Stacks.
12 March
Professor David Minda (Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Cincinnati, USA)
Hyperbolic Geometry and Conformal Images.
19 March
Dipl.-Inform. Rodger Burmeister (Software Engineering Department, Berlin Institute of Technology, Germany)
A Little About Software Engineering & The Modelling of Concurrent Objects.
26 March
Dr. Maged Hussein Wafy (Faculty of Science, Helwan university, Cairo, Egypt)
Improvement of visual cryptography techniques.
02 April
Ms. Faraniaina Rasolofoson (AIMS)
Spectral/hp discontinuous galerkin method for 2D shallow water equations.
09 April
Dr. R. Ghomrasni (AIMS)
On Visintin's laziness principle.
16 April
Ms. Nantsoina Cynthia Ramiharimanan (Stellenbosch & Tel Aviv)
Realizing finite abelian group in Q_p.
23 April
Prof. Dr. Mama Foupouagnigni (Advanced Teachers’ Training College, Department of Mathematics, University of Yaounde I, Cameroon)
On differential and difference equations for orthogonal polynomials.
30 April
Dr. Rafał Marcin Łochowski (Department of Mathematics and Mathematical Economics, Warsaw School of Economics, Warsaw, Poland)
On pathwise stochastic integration.
07 May
Dr. Dimbinaina Ralaivaosaona (AIMS)
Sum of Euler's totient function.
Monday 13 May
Dr Aderemi Adewumi (School of Computer Science, University of KwaZulu-Natal)
Principle of Time Management.
21 May
Ms. Samah Mohammed Osman Hassan Taha (AIMS)
Small World Story From 1960 to 2000.
28 May
Mr. Lesiba Charles Galane (AIMS)
Risk Parity and Efficient Asset Allocation.
04 June
No Talk
Structured Masters Examinations.
11 June
No Talk
Structured Masters Examinations.
July 2013
No Talk
Summer Break
Monday 26 August
Dr. Etienne Wamba (University of Yaoundé 1, Cameroon)
Dynamics of solitons in Bose-Einstein condensates with three-body interactions.
03 September
Dr. Oluwatosin Tope Mewomo (Department of Mathematics, Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria)
Amenable Banach Algebras
10 September
Prof. John Maddocks (Chair of Applied Analysis, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne)
Multi-scale Mathematical Models of DNA Mechanics.
17 September
Ms. Phumza Thafeni (AIMS)
A No-Arbitrage Macro-Finance Approach to the Term Structure of Interest Rates .
24 September
Dr. Benard Kulohoma (University of Liverpool, UK)
01 October
Mr. Christalin Razafindramahatsiaro (AIMS)
Serre's conjecture.
08 October
Dr. Benard Kulohoma (Kenya)
15 October
Ms. Raabia Walljee (AIMS)
22 October
Dr. Tchilabalo Abozou Kpanzou (Université de Lomé, Lomé, Togo)
29 October
Prof. Ronnie Becker (AIMS & UCT)
05 November
Dr. Lafras Uys (AIMS)
12 November
Visitor or local guy
19 November
Visitor or local guy
26 November
Visitor or local guy

If you would like to give a Journal Club talk, please contact Raouf Ghomrasni.

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